Here you will find workshops to suit just about everyone. If you are interested in doing something that you don't see on this list, then please contact me to discuss your ideas.

Festival Fun

Poi and staff twirling as well as hula hooping are fun and engaging activities at fairs and festivals.

The Festival Fun Workshops include a marquee with plenty of poi, staff and hula hoops for both children and adults to enjoy. A combination of demonstrations, formal workshop activities and informal play add to the fun atmosphere of any festival or fair.

These workshops can be run for just a few hours or over several days depending on the length of your event.

Youth and Teens

Fire twirling is a fun and engaging activity suitable for teenagers and young adults.

My fire twirling workshops teach skills in poi and staff twirling along with fire safety. Students begin by learning all moves without fire first. Once the students are confident in themselves and their skills they may, under supervision, "light up" and try their moves with fire. Safety and responsible use of fire are emphasised in these workshops.

Along with providing an engaging and fun activity, fire twirling is great for building confidence and self esteem. All students benefit from the increased physical activity as well as improvements in co-ordination.

Youth and Teens fire twirling is run as a multi-session course due to the skills required before being able to use fire.

School Groups

All children's classes are run without fire and focus on the fun of poi and staff twirling.

Poi and staff twirling is a fun physical activity for children of all ages. It gently works the upper body and arms while improving co-ordination and motor skills. It also promotes ambidexterity and creative thinking. As children progress through moves it also helps build self confidence and self esteem.

Classes are one to two hours long (depending on the children's age) and include all materials. Children are shown how to make their own poi or staff at the end of the class to enable them to continue practising at home.


Fire is a great way to add excitement and danger to your show! Whether you are a street performer or performing artist, working on a new show or refreshing an old one, fire can really give your show the lift it needs.

I can work with you on how you can best incorporate fire into your show. This includes prop and/or effect design, manufacturing of equipment, teaching you how to work with fire and fire safety. Everything you need to safely and confidently add fire to your act and really take it to the next level.

Workshops are held privately and at your convenience.


There are several different pieces of fire equipment that can easily be used by dancers to add an extra element of excitement and flair to any performance. Fire fingers, fire fans, palm fire and fire-eating sticks look stunning when used in dance styles such as bellydance, burlesque or in contemporary routines.

Dancing with fire can be taught on an individual or group/class basis. Lessons can be one off or ongoing, depending on the complexity and versatility you wish to achieve.