My safety standards allow you to unleash the primal power of fire on your guests with full confidence. With 8 years of performance experience and a 100% safety record, you can be confident that your event will be incident free.

I am insured to the value of $20 million in public liability cover, and adhere to a strict safety regime. I am happy to advise you on venue requirements prior to my performance and will provide my public liability insurance certificate upon request.

Safety of both performers and guests is my number one priority and first aid and safety equipment is present at all my shows. In addition, I have completed senior first aid training and fire safety training courses.

For all shows I carry the following:
   - $20 million in public liability insurance
   - a suitably rated fire extinguisher
   - fire blankets
   - burns specific First Aid Kit

Other precautions include:
   - flammable liquids are marked as such and stored in appropriate containers
   - at festivals and busy events, a security person or steward's presence is required
   - safety checks before, during and after shows
   - procedures for the dipping, lighting and extinguishing of all fire equipment

I reserve the right to cancel any performance I feel is in an unsafe environment or in unsafe conditions that would endanger the audience, the venue or myself.