Technical Information

I travel light, bring all my own equipment and will arrive at your function when you need me. Based in Perth, Western Australia, I perform locally but am happy to travel interstate and overseas.

Below are listed some considerations and requirements necessary for the safety of your audience and the quality of my performance.

Staging Requirements


The performance space needs to be well ventilated, with fire/smoke alarms and sprinklers switched off for the duration of the performance. Also, any air-conditioning ducts or fans blowing air onto the performance space need to be redirected or turned off.


The performances are not suited to windy or wet conditions and require darkness for the fire to have full effect. I reserve the right to cancel outdoor shows (or move them inside) if outdoor conditions compromise safety and make performing dangerous.

Stage Area and Overhead Clearance

A minimum of 3m square floor space is required, with a minimum overhead clearance of 3m, for a solo show.

Backstage Area

A secure backstage area in which to prepare and store equipment before and after the performance must be provided. An area of at least 2m square is required.


Prep. Time

Generally 30 minutes before most shows. (Done off stage.)

Stage Time

Depends on your choice of performance.

Clean Up Time

A minimum of 30 minutes after each show. (Done off stage.)



I have several styles of costume currently available and I will pick what I feel is the most appropriate for your event unless otherwise requested.


Upon request, I am able to provide any style of costuming that you require, provided that I am given sufficient notice and assess it to be safe and suitable to use with fire.


Fire is most effective in the dark or with minimal ambient light. Outdoor fire shows must be performed at night (after sunset). Light conditions severely diminish the desired effect of the performance and generally the darker the environment, the more effective the show.


I perform both choreographed shows to pre-set music or free-dance shows to your choice of music. If you wish to request a certain style of music, then please discuss this when making your booking.